Tripod 1.37 meter

Tripod 1.37 meter

Professional tripod to attach 1 or 2 spotlights. Use the supplied T-piece to attach two spotlights, without this piece one lamp can be attached. It is composed of 3 parts and can be adjusted to a maximum of 1.37m. The stand is equipped with anti-slip pads and adjustable spreader.
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Tripod parameters

Tripod color Yellow
Tripod maximum height 1.40 meter
Tripod material Iron

Performance parameters

Operating temperature -25|40 °C

Mechanical parameters

Dimension of article height 1370 mm
Dimension of article diameter 800 mm
Net weight of article 2.30 kg

Logistic data

HS code 9405409000
Single packing dimension length 10.50 cm
Single packing dimension width 10.50 cm
Single packing dimension height 64.00 cm
Single packing gross weight 2.31 kg
Master carton dimension length 66.00 cm
Master carton dimension width 23.00 cm
Master carton dimension height 23.00 cm
Quantity in master carton 4 pcs.
Master carton gross weight 9.80 kg
CBM of master carton 0.04 m³
Single packing plastic material weight 10.00 g
Single packing paper material weight 174.00 g
Master carton plastic material weight 40.00 g
Master carton paper material weight 1170.00 g



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